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Family Impact Center Collaborative Advisory Council


▪    Elias Barocio, Jr, San Benito County Migrant Program Manager
▪    Tracey Belton, San Benito County Health & Human Services Director
▪    Kendra Bobsin, CEO, Go Kids
▪    Gary Cameron, CAB Board Member, District II
▪    Esther Curtice, Executive Director, CASA of San Benito County
▪    Patrick Ellis, Executive Director, Chamberlain’s Children Center
▪    Victoria Fortino, United Way of San Benito County
▪    Jennifer Frusetta, RDH, San Benito County Oral Health Program
▪    Kellie Kennedy, San Benito County Sheriff’s Department
▪    Kollin Kosmicki, San Benito Live!​

▪    Patrice Kuerschner, Executive Director, Emmaus House
▪    Lynn Mello, San Benito County Public Health
▪    Diego Ochoa, Superintendent, Hollister School District
▪    Samantha Perez, San Benito County Public Health
▪    Maria Sanchez, Mental Health Case Management Services Manager
▪    Jamila Saqqa, Housing Programs Coordinator
▪    Tonia Sonseri, CAB Board Member, District III
▪    Doreen Smith, Victim Advocate
▪    Captain Eric Taylor, San Benito County Sheriff
▪    Rachel White, LMFT, San Benito County Behavioral Health Services Assistant Director
▪    Alan Yamamoto, San Benito County Behavioral Health Services Director

What Do We Do? 


Theory of Change

If we invest in this...

do this...

and build this... 

then we will see this: 

Strong Families

Image by Leo Rivas
Community Garden
Image by Perry Grone
Image by Laercio Cavalcanti